Cimi-Shield Brings Bed Bug Relief to Homeless Shelter

LA Homeless Shelter

The homeless shelter as we first found it. The bed bug infestation contaminated bedding and personal belongings everywhere.

The Samoshel homeless shelter in Santa Monica, CA had one of the worst bed bug problems imaginable. With a limited budget, they had not been able to find an effective solution. One hundred percent of the residents had complained of being bitten, bed bugs were visible on their blankets mid day, and most residents were keeping their possessions in plastic trash bags. Some even put their bed legs into pails of water.

About 100 beds were placed in three different rooms of a temporary structure. Low walls separated the rooms. With infested possessions and bedding everywhere, and infrequent laundering, this was a zero-control site.

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Attempted Remedy

Several residents tried this approach.

Pest Barrier heard about the situation and offered a free treatment with Cimi-Shield, the green bed bug eliminator with a twelve-month residual on fabric and cracks and crevices. But we were nervous, the problem was so vast with so much food and easy passageways, we didn’t think anything could possibly solve this problem; but we decided to give it a try.

Donna Miller, the director of operations at the shelter was impressed with Cimi-Shield on paper. It is FIFRA 25(b), GRAS, odorless, non-staining and would allow the residents to move back in after just a few hours out. Their executive director, John Maceri, gave the OK and the wheels started turning.

Bed bug on bedding

Bed bugs, like this one, were visible on top of the residents’ bedding.

Three weeks before the treatment, twelve Climb-Ups were positioned randomly under bunk-bed legs around the dormitory. The chart below shows the number of bugs caught in both outer and inner rings.

The date was set. The residents took their bedding to the laundry, the beds were stripped, and the spraying began.

All six sides of every mattress were treated with a fine mist of Cimi-Shield. The product was also sprayed in some cracks and crevices, like the bottoms of lockers and some floor molding. But the complex was so vast, we really only got about 10% of the cracks. New mattress covers were installed, and those were also treated with Cimi-Shield. Bed bugs that were sprayed died immediately.

Spraying beds with Cimi-Shield

Cameron Riddell of Bird Barrier/Pest Barrier applies Cimi-Shield Knock-Out to a new mattress cover.

It took our team about two hours to apply three gallons of Cimi-Shield Knock-Out. Each gallon is labeled to treat about 1,200 square feet of fabric surface.

Cimi-Shield’s residual is intended to latch on to fabrics like mattresses and carpeting. The shelter’s mattresses are vinyl, as are the new covers. And the floors are polished cement. Still, the Cimi-Shield was applied consistently to all bedding surfaces (except for blankets which is also an option, but was not possible on treatment day) and in our opinion delivered results.

The chart below shows an appreciable reduction in bed bugs. But more importantly, Miller, the director of the shelter reports only 30% of residents complaining about beg bugs, down from 100%. The staff and residents have experienced significant relief. Sixty days after the treatment, the numbers are holding at very low levels. And as long as the product remains on the mattresses and mattress covers, it will continue to kill bed bugs.

Miller is happy and thankful that Samoshel was chosen for this study. She is convinced that Cimi-Shield has dramatically reduced the problem, and feels that even after sixty days, it continues to kill the bugs.

Bed Bug Count

Outer Rings Inner Rings
10/05/12 59 11
10/22/12 197 46
10/29/12 (Cimi-Shield Treatment) 35 21
11/07/12 23 17
11/28/12 23 6
12/04/12 13 4
12/20/12 4 4

Outer Ring vs. Inner Ring – Outer ring means bed bugs came from the floor. Inner ring means they came from the bed.

Do you have a non-profit customer in need, and unable to pay for services? Pest Barrier will provide free Cimi-Shield to qualified applicants on a grant basis. E-mail us for details.

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PMP Perspective

Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern

“The site presented a challenging situation for any intervention to manage a problem with bed bugs. The fact that Cimi-Shield performed so well under adverse conditions speaks highly of its effectiveness. Many times in the field, a PMP is unable to stage the area prior to treatment to get optimum results. The situation is beyond their control and they must work with conditions as they exist. Using Cimi-Shield in this situation provided relief to the residents and will continue to kill bed bugs in and on the treated zones for many months. The insect pressure on the site will not be reduced because introduction will remain a constant problem. However, Cimi-Shield will prevent the introductions from becoming an infestation and give long-term relief to the residents. An added plus is that it is a 25b exempt material and does not pose a threat to humans or the environment.”Jeff McGovern is an independent pest control consultant who has been working with Cimi-Shield for more than three years. He is available to discuss the product with anyone that calls. Call Jeff McGovern at (770) 331-4348 or e-mail him at

Cardinal Professional Products Features Fume Alert

Cardinal Professional Products has featured Fume Alert as part of their December 2012 newsletter! This is a fantastic product that provides affordable security monitoring for the fumigation professional.

December 2012 newsletter

Push – Pull Rat Control

Push-Pull Rat Control Products

Rat-Out Gel, Pro Pest Rat & Mouse Attractant, standard plastic rat trap, Magnetic Snap Trap Base

Rodent problems are always a challenge. The key to successful rodent management is a well thought out plan to solve the problem. The push-pull process addresses penetration points and attracting the rodents into an area where they can be trapped discretely and more effectively. Using a repellent such as Rat-Out Gel blocks the rodents from their penetration points and accustomed travel routes. Using an attractant such as Pro Pest on trapping devices to create an ambush zone lures them into areas easily controlled by the PMP. The ultimate result is a rodent program with an impressive success rate and a happy client.

The Tools

  1. The repellent and the attractant
    • Rat-Out Gel
    • Pest Rat and Mouse Attractant from JF Oakes
  2. Plastic rodent control devices

Applying Rat-Out to exterior opening

Applying Rat-Out to exterior opening

Nickel-sized dots of Rat-Out Gel

Nickel-sized dots of Rat-Out Gel

Pro Pest on a Victor trap

Pro Pest used on a Victor trap to lure rats

Magnetic Snap Trap Bases

Attach traps to horizontal & vertical metal surfaces with the Magnetic Snap Trap Base.

The Process

  1. Identify the rat species. In most cases, it’s either a roof rat or a Norway rat.
  2. Identify the exterior penetration points.
  3. Identify the interior penetration points.
  4. Locate the rats’ interior travel pathways.
  5. Block off the exterior penetration points using the Rat-Out Gel.
  6. Create ambush zones inside the structure to deal with the animals inside.
  7. Block off the interior travel pathways as needed to guide the rats into the ambush zones.
  8. Place the traps in the various travel pathways left open to the rats and bait with the Pro Pest Attractant. Use the Magnetic Snap Trap Bases on all metal pipes, racks, girders and beams for secure placement on those surfaces.
  9. Revisit the site at the appropriate intervals to remove the rats caught.
  10. Reassess the site after the rodent catches cease to insure the problem has been eliminated.

Introducing Rat-Out Gel in 1 oz. Tubes for Easy Rat Control

Rat-Out Gel 1 oz Tubes, 3 pk

The 1 oz. tubes come in 3-packs

Rat-Out Gel is applied in small dabs at entry points and other pathways used by rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and other mammals. These pests are generally repelled by the garlic smell; but if they touch the clear gel, the white pepper warms their skin uncomfortably, reinforcing the message to stay away.

Rat-Out Gel is FIFRA 25(b), meaning it is exempt from EPA registration due to its GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients.

For the past two years, pest and wildlife professionals have been using Rat-Out Gel for temporary exclusion in residential and commercial applications. In most cases the product has delivered immediate results. These professionals also use it to corral rats and mice into traps and bait stations. “To me, this product is an instant off switch,” says Jeff McGovern, and pest control consultant. “When I apply Rat-Out Gel in the right places, I get immediate results. More importantly, the building owner gets immediate results. This product should be in every PMPs (pest management professional) vehicle.”

Rat-Out Gel in 1 oz. Tubes

New 1 oz. tubes are convenient and economical

Prior to now, Rat-Out was sold only in 10 oz. caulking tubes that fit into a standard caulking gun. But due to its large size, PMPs didn’t always have it with them when they needed it. And, the 10 oz. tube implied that large beads should be applied, like bird gel. But really, only dabs the size of a quarter are needed.

Rat-Out Gel is now available in a convenient 1 oz. tube that fits into the standard bait guns most PMPs carry, and it comes with a syringe plunger that fits easily in the tubes. The tube features a one-inch nozzle so the Gel can be applied exactly where it’s needed. And, a small cap locks on the nozzle for a no-mess experience.

For videos and more information on Rat-Out Gel, visit

Pest Barrier Introduces Green Bed Bug Killer

Treating for Bed Bugs with Cimi-Shield Green Bed Bug KillerPest Barrier introduces Cimi-Shield Bed Bug Killer to the pest control industry. Cimi-Shield kills bed bugs on contact, has no odor, is non-staining, hypoallergenic, and leaves a non-toxic residual in cracks, crevices, and on fabrics like mattresses, box springs, furniture, drapes and carpeting. Independent tests show it kills for up to 12 months.

FIFRA 25(b) Formula Features 12 Month Residual

Cimi-Shield’s active ingredient, Residulen™, is derived from soybean oil. All Cimi-Shield elements have been independently determined to be among those defined by the Federal Insecticide Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) section 25(b) and are Generally Regarded As Safe, (GRAS). Cimi-Shield presents no harm to human beings and other mammals or the environment; it kills bed bugs and other pests–like fleas and cockroaches–mechanically. Cimi-Shield bed bug killer dissolves the waxy exoskeletons on the pest’s torso. This mechanical process causes the insect to quickly dehydrate and die. Cimi-Shield is effective against all known strains.

Cimi-Shield bed bug killer is available in two formulations:

Cimi-Shield Knock-Out is for active infestations. Cimi-Shield Protect is for sites where future infestations may occur. Knock-Out kills the live pests and nymphs after they hatch as they travel through the treated fabric surfaces, or through treated cracks for up to twelve months.

Cimi-Shield Protect is ideal for rooms adjacent to active infestations, or in sites where bed bugs may be introduced in the future. In a typical hotel room, the PMP will treat the mattress and box spring, carpeting around the room perimeter and under the bed and other furniture, protecting against a future infestation for up to 12 months.

Porous bed bug killer carriers are incorporated in the formula making the residual kill possible. Jagged-edged barrel-like porous carriers, only 10 microns across, act as reservoirs that become enmeshed in the fabrics and textiles in the treated areas. When nymphs hatch or adults emerge from hidden harborages or are re-introduced, they begin to crawl and disturb the porous carrier particles. The disturbance causes the reserved active bed bug killer to spill out which causes immediate kill. Like the Knock Out, this makes the process effective against all known strains.

Independent, year-long field tests show that when used according to label directions, bed bug infestation is eliminated and no material re-infestation occurred for twelve (12) months. It was also shown to eliminate re-introduced bed bugs in the 13th month where only a single pass application had been applied twelve (12) months before. Click here to download the report from Dr. Jeffrey Brown, director of the American Academy of Entomological Science.

Because a large percentage of a current infestation is in the form of unhatched eggs that hatch in 10 to 15 days, follow-up treatments have often been necessary. At the same time, re-introduced infestation has often wrongly been blamed on an incomplete or negligent treatment, which has caused many conscientious professionals to re-treat even when the fault is not their own.

Because these bed bug killer products are hypoallergenic and leave no residue toxic to human beings or other mammals, they are an excellent choice for any environment including residences where children and fragile adults live as well as long-term care and rehab facilities.

Both bed bug killers are water-based, have no odor and are not prone to staining. Furnishings do not need to be replaced and in most instances, any treated area can be returned to service the same day.

Application of the bed bug killer is made using a new hand pump spray canister or backpack unit. Because it is non-toxic, it can be economically delivered as a super concentrate.

Cimi-Shield Knock-Out bed bug killer provides the means to eliminate a current infestation and to keep a treated area infestation free. Cimi-Shield Protect is the first product that provides the means to prevent infestation from taking hold.

Pest Barrier’s resident specialist, Jeff McGovern is available to share his own personal field experiences using Cimi-Shield and to answer questions on this great product. Jeff can be reached by phone at 770-331-4348, or

For more information, visit

Click here to learn more, or to buy Cimi-Shield.

Download a catalog or call us at 800-221-3748 to request one by mail.

Raptor 357 Bait Stations – Rodent Control Traps

Jeff McGovern introduces the Magnetic Bait Station featuring a unique, magnetized patent-pending system that allows you to attach the bait station directly to the underside of dumpsters, food service equipment, fences and even the back of metal doors. It is virtually indestructible with a powerful magnetized grip.

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Learn About Border Control, Plus a Special Offer

Border Control has more and more uses. Check out a new video featuring Jeff McGovern as he discusses many different creative ways to use this great product in your business.

Rat-Out Gel Reinforces Tough Squirrel Exclusion

Rat-Out Gel being applied to building

Jim applies Rat-Out Gel around his customer's screen to prevent squirrels from entering.

The Gel Stops Squirrels Trying to Re-Enter a House
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Jim Dreisacker of Westchester Wildlife does hundreds of squirrel jobs a year. He favors a regimen of trapping and exclusion, and almost always gets the job done the first time.

But recently Jim came across an especially determined opponent; a squirrel that continued to scratch away at the woodwork around a screen he had installed. “My customer called and advised me that the squirrel was very determined to get back in; something I don’t come across all that often.”

Luckily Jim had received a sample tube of Pest Barrier’s Rat-Out Gel, and had used it successfully on a few rodent jobs. “I just put two and two together,” said Jim. “I figured it just might work as well on this determined squirrel.”

Rat-Out GelRat-Out Gel is a clear repellent tactile gel that contains small amounts of Garlic Oil and White Pepper. The Garlic Oil repels most rodents, while the White Pepper delivers an uncomfortable warming sensation if they touch it; a one-two punch.

Jim returned to the site, and applied about ¼ of a tube (2-3 ounces) of Rat-Out directly to the wood around the screen job, not sure if it would really take care of the problem. Then he went home and waited for the customer to call. After a few days he’d forgotten about the job when his phone rang, it was the squirrel customer and Jim feared the worst. But he was surprised to hear a happy customer on the other end of the line. “He was telling me how the problem was totally solved and how happy he was. Naturally that was a nice call to get.”

Jim was able to charge for the return job to apply the gel as he’d done what he’d promised with the exclusion. “That quarter tube of gel really paid handsomely for me that day. From here on I’ll make sure our trucks carry some Rat-Out” said Jim.

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NEW! Snap-Trap Magnetic Bases

Magnetic Snap-Trap Base

The Magnetic Snap-Trap Base is shown with the Trapper T-Rex and Victor Power Kill traps. The inset shows one of two magnets that secures it to metal surfaces.

» See More Photos

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to attach a rat snap-trap to a metal surface, like a beam, pipe, rack, or the side of an HVAC unit? Have you spent time taping, zip tying or otherwise jury-rigging a mounting system to make sure your traps stayed in place, or didn’t fall once a rat had been caught?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then Pest Barrier has a product you’re going to love.

Pest Barrier has introduced a patent-pending Snap-Trap Magnetic Base that securely holds commonly used traps to any metal surface (not stainless steel). The plastic base features two powerful magnets molded into the bottom, while the top has two snap-tabs that hold the trap in place.

The powerful base securely holds these five traps:

  1. Kness Big Snap
  2. Trapper T-Rex
  3. Catchmaster Model 621PEZ
  4. Motomco Tomcat
  5. Victor Power Kill

The two magnets generate almost 40 lbs. of pull force (pulling straight away from the surface). In a test they held 7.5 lbs. of exercise weights hanging straight down (the trap did not slide down a vertical metal surface).
That’s substantially more than the average rat weighs.

Not only is this product effective, it’s also professional looking. PMPs have commented that their homemade attempts occasionally embarrass them, but with this Magnetic Base they you will look like a true professional.

Snap-Trap Magnetic Bases are sold as a two-pack.

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Batcone and Rat-Out Gel: A Perfect One-Two Punch

Using one-way doors you won’t trap rodents inside a structure.

More and more PMPs are using Rat-Out Gel to exclude rats, mice and even squirrels from residential and commercial structures. Just small dabs where they enter and exit is enough to repel in most cases. When excluding rodents, whether with Rat-Out or mechanical barriers, it is possible to lock the pests inside. This is obviously undesirable for a wide variety of reasons.

A rat climbs out the Batcone.

Batcones are clever one-way doors developed originally for bats (as the name indicates), but also work for rats, mice, squirrels and even small birds. A Batcone is a hard plastic cone-shaped device with flanges for mounting. The cone’s larger end is placed against the structure and attached securely with nails, screws, or tape. This simple device allows unwanted pests to leave without harming them.

Using Batcones along with Rat-Out Gel is quick and effective. Apply the Rat-Out gel strategically to all but a few entry and exit paths. Then install Batcones to the appropriate Rat-Out-free exits. The rodents will exit through the cone and won’t be able to re-enter either through the cone or through areas where Rat-Out has been applied. The Batcones should be mounted no more than 24” and no less than 12” above the ground. After all the pests have left, remove the Batcone and apply Rat-Out gel as a final step to secure the remaining entry/exit points.

Starlings (or other small birds) can exit but not re-enter through Batcone.

Rat-Out is a non-toxic gel that works in two ways: garlic oil repels by smell, and white pepper repels by touch. Placing only a small dab in strategic locations causes rodents to avoid or abandon areas. Using Rat-Out gel is much easier and quicker than physical blocking attempts or lethal techniques. Because rodents will not cross it, Rat-Out effectively blocks holes, cracks, and crevices and stops travel along beams, pipes and trees.

Rat-Out gel applied using a caulking gun.



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